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Dayton Irrigation Backflow Testing & Prevention
Residential Backflow Certification Services

What is Backflow Testing?

A very important step in your irrigation system is the prevention of unwanted water backflow – which can cause damage to your home, as well as the surrounding environment. Backflow is simply the unwanted reversal in the flow of water – which carries with it the possibility for contaminants to then influence surrounding water sources.

Sprinkler systems and lawn irrigation systems are available with backflow prevention devices to help ensure against chemicals from lawn treatment or pest control sprays from doing any harm if backflow should occur. A backflow valve would prevent this harmful mixture from reaching your home's water supply, or mixing with other water sources nearby (such as ponds, streams or commercial water supplies.)

Trust Only in Certified Backflow Experts

The Southwestern Ohio Irrigation Company is certified in backflow testing and installation. We use quality Febco® irrigation equipment to ensure against the possibility of contamination in your home or landscape design. Our associates are qualified to provide all phases of backflow prevention, from testing and installation – all the way through certification of an irrigation system.

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