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Dayton's Resource for Advanced Drainage Systems
Prevent Water Damage In or Around Your Home

Dayton Drainage Solutions Include:
French Drain Installation
Trench Drains & Storm Drains
Channel Drain & Linear Drain Additions
Under Deck Drainage Systems
Basement Drainage Solutions
Catch Basins and Yard Drainage
Downspout Drainage
Sump Pump Installation
Proper irrigation not only includes getting water to your lawn or landscaping, but also designing proper yard drainage to remove any excess that may cause unwanted damage to your home's foundation.

For many, your home may be your largest investment financially. So why not protect that investment from basement flooding or the mold and mildew caused from standing water around your foundation?

Southwestern Ohio Irrigation
has over 25 years of experience helping Dayton residents with affordable drainage systems to keep their yards and homes free from water damage.

Complete Drainage Solutions Designed Just for You!

Every home is unique, and our landscape architects work closely with each homeowner to design a drainage system that will fit both their needs and their budgets.

Jobs may be as simple as the addition of extra downspout drainage – or may involve the addition of a french drain, trench drain or linear drain to ensure the proper removal of unwanted water.

No home improvement project is too large or too small for Southwestern Ohio Irrigation. We treat all of our clients the same – with outstanding customer care and quality craftsmanship guaranteed.

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